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From the section Tenders and ongoing procedures, it will be possible to view the procurement procedures for supplies, services, and works, even for amounts exceeding the EU threshold, managed electronically by the Università di Padova, in compliance with the provisions of the procurement code - Legislative Decree 36/2023 and subsequent amendments. Upon registration on the Portal, economic operators can access the following from their reserved area:

- from the Tenders section, participate in open tender procedures.
- from the Request for Quotation section, upon invitation, participate in negotiated procedures.

In the case of supplies and services, these procedures will mainly be used for assignments not falling within the product categories provided by the University's Electronic Marketplace (MeUnipd) or for procedures exceeding the EU threshold.

For technical support regarding the functioning of the portal, contact the economic operators' assistance:

- via call center tel. +39 0422 26 7755

- by connecting to the following link:

For information regarding tender procedures:

Università di Padova
Procurement Office
Piazza Antenore 3
35123 Padua

Tel. +39049/8273263-3236-3225


The Università di Padova has established its own Electronic Marketplace, taking into account the specificities of the University itself in the procurement of Goods and Services for amounts below the EU threshold. Registration on the Portal and subsequent authorization in at least one category is an essential requirement for the economic operator to obtain and/or maintain authorization for the electronic marketplace. Participation in the Electronic Marketplace is open to economic operators who meet the requirements set forth in the "Regulations for Authorization to the Electronic Marketplace" and related attachments, published in the Portal under the section "Electronic Marketplace Documents". There is no deadline for the receipt of authorization requests. All documentation is available by accessing the electronic marketplace portal.

For information related to the Electronic Marketplace:

Università di Padova
Procurement Office
Piazza Antenore 3
35123 Padova

Tel. 049 8273218 – 3275 - 3204

Institutional website:

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